Forest in aid: announced Slavic urban planning simulator Mythos: Slavic Builder

The restless publishing house PlayWay announced a game that differs markedly from the endless series of simulators in a row. It is called Mythos: Slavic Builder and presents an urban planning simulator using magic. Action Mythos: Slavic Builder takes place in the times of the ancient Slavs, and gaming setting is entirely based on myths and pagan beliefs.

All in the world are ruled by gods, including Perun, Mokosh and Veles. And, if they are choked up, life will become much easy.

In the surrounding forests there are a variety of mythical creatures. They look like dangerous monsters, but if you bring them generous gifts, you can buy strong allies that will be useful to repel raids by neighbors, Vikings and even demons from farths.

Over the game runs studio Madnetic Games, which recently announced WW2 Rebuilder. There are no release dates for Mythos: Slavic Builder yet.

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