Formation further in Hilversum, press to take real steps

Informer Remkes and the VVD, D66 and CDA negotiators will look at Hilversum whether the three parties can form a cabinet together. Remkes, who was appointed as an informer last week, had several conversations in recent times and he has set out this weekend to โ€œexplore from the contentโ€ whether there is a fruitful collaboration between the three.

The main protagonists in the Zwaluwenberg estate are supposed to take a moment away from The Hagues cheese clot. Remkes acknowledged on arrival in Hilversum that things have not gotten easier in recent days. He was referring to the resignation of ministers Kaag and Bijleveld. Kaag left Thursday and Bijleveld Friday. Behind the scenes, the parties blame each other for the way that went. Remkes said it would be good to talk about the situation and content in a relaxed environment.

See the comments of the protagonists on arrival here:

In addition to the party leaders Rutte, Kaag and Hoekstra, they also take part in their secondants Hermans (VVD), Jetten (D66) and Heerma (CDA). Theyll stay in Hilversum until tomorrow afternoon.

Rutte, Kaag and Hoekstra all three said that there should be a real fast cabinet. โ€œLets hope this weekend contributes to that,โ€ Rutte said. He hopes a breakthrough soon after the weekend.

Rutte: relationship with Kaag improved

Rutte acknowledged that he did not tell Minister Bijleveld that her colleague Kaag would step out, although he did know it. โ€œJust fifteen minutes or an hour before the vote, Sigrid Kaag called me and asked me to keep it a secret. Thats what I do, because Im not going to break trust.โ€

The VVD foreman also acknowledged that there has been โ€œa little hassleโ€ between Kaag and him recently (the D66 leader made sharp criticism of Rutte in her School lecture early last week). But according to him, the relationship is โ€œa lot betterโ€ by now, the two have worked together intensively over the last ten days, and that has been very pleasant.

Kaag; New Round, New Opportunities

Kaag said a lot has happened, and that there are new political realities. But according to the D66 politician, there is now โ€œnew round, new opportunities.โ€

She added that the demissionary cabinet is on its last legs, that she now wants to look to the future and that she wants to take responsibility.

Hoekstra: Sentiments on the side

CDA er Hoekstra was also talking about โ€œa sense of responsibilityโ€. He too said a lot happened. According to him, the stepping up of Kaag and Bijleveld does โ€œwhat with the dynamics in the partiesโ€ but he also thinks that everyone should settle down a bit and that the feelings should be on the side.

Hoekstra says he is keen to take steps this weekend.

It has been more than half a year after the elections and because of all kinds of causes there is no shot in the formation at all. It has not come to real negotiations yet.

In the meantime, the call is increasing from all sides to form a cabinet really quickly.

The Chambers mission to Remkes is to focus on a minority cabinet from a combination of VVD, D66 and CDA. It is therefore also possible that not all three parties will enter the cabinet within that assignment.