Formation new cabinet can enter new stage, easily it becomes not

The formation of a new cabinet remained silent for weeks, and it did not seem at the beginning of April after the crisis of confidence that there would be a new cabinet Rutte-IV. Rutte‘s days seemed numbered. But the tide seems to be turning now.


any case, the search for parties for a new cabinet can continue. Today was the debate about the formation work of Informer Tjeenk Willink, appointed a few weeks ago to run out of broken fragments between all kinds of parties. In this debate, a majority in the Chamber supported the joint plan of VVD and D66 to put Mariรซtte Hamer to work as a new informer.

It is now going to see which parties can agree on which issues. And who together can write a coalition agreement on the main lines. Until June 6th, she has the time to do this.


one will say that this is the end of the stocking and everything will go further smoothly. Rutte said again today that he made a โ€œbig mistakeโ€ by saying that he had not spoken to the scouts about the CDA MP Omtzigt. When it turned out that he had done so, he got the full layer of all parties, including D66 and the CDA.

D66 leader Kaag stressed that it is still โ€œnot a run raceโ€. It can now be called another competition. Because Rutte now expressly says that he wants to build together to change the culture of governance; with Chamber, cabinet and society. And because of these words, some parties seem to be open to cooperation with the Rutte under attack.

Weelen and dealing

Not at parties like Bij1, SP, Think and PVV, who don’t see it anymore with Rutte. PVV leader Wilders still sees the โ€œold politicsโ€ continue in the โ€œweeping and dealingโ€ behind the scenes of D66 and VVD in their plan to put Hamer forward as an informer.

Parties such as GroenLinks and the PvdA also have their doubts about Rutte, but they want to speak on the content. The CDA also wants to speak and does not rule out cooperation with Rutte, as it turned out in the debate.

CDA leader Hoekstra spoke about the responsibility that lies in โ€œtackling problems and โ€œnot just dealing with ourselvesโ€. The party – in line with Pieter Omtzigt‘s ideas about power and counter-power – came up with a motion for a โ€œnew social contract with the citizenโ€.

That could be explained as a signal to Omtzigt. The party wants to make it clear that his ideas are important and that they do not want to lose him. But as long as it remains unclear how Omtzigt continues – he is at home sick – it remains an uncertain and difficult time for the CDA, and therefore also for the formation.

The content should therefore be discussed in the coming weeks. Informer Hamer wants to get started quickly, she said at the start of her work. She starts with a recovery plan.

Rutte said he was thinking of a โ€œthin coalition agreementโ€ with more room for discussion in debates. In any case, he hopes that parties will not remain โ€œangry on the sidelinesโ€. Angry or not, D66 and CDA, but eventually also GroenLinks and PvdA don’t seem to look up that sideline anymore.