Formation still wall solid after conversations in ‘uncomfortable’ duos

The complex question of who can negotiate with whom in the formation does not seem to be answered yet. Informer Hamer received today the six parties that are most obvious. She always spoke with two party leaders, who are far from each other in terms of content. Afterwards, they all said nothing had changed in their position.

VVD leader Rutte spoke with PVDA leader Ploumen under the leadership of Hamer. Afterwards, he announced that he still wants to talk about a four-party coalition. That would be, in addition to his own party, CDA and D66. Furthermore, as far as he is concerned, the PvdA or GroenLinks can join. But not together, as the left parties themselves would like.

Rutte said that a majority coalition requires only one partner. VVD, D66 and CDA together have 73 seats in the House of Representatives. With only ChristenUnie, Volt, JA21, PvdA or GroenLinks, there are around 80. So talking with two left parties together is not an option as far as he is concerned.

CDA leader Hoekstra, who today joined the informer with Groenlinks leader Klaver, feels the same way. He called the differences with GroenLinks really quite substantial. At the same time, I never said that under any circumstances we would not want to talk to GroenLinks as fourth party. But without the PvdA.

Progressive voice

Clover and Ploumen are holding each other for the time being. I promised in the campaign, Ploumen said after her meeting with Rutte, and it might be a little getting used to, but I want to keep that promise. It considers it important in the new coalition to make the progressive voice heard as loud and clear as possible.

D66 leader Kaag sat today with Christian Union leader Segers in the Stadholderskamer. They, too, did not come closer to each other. Kaag then stressed that the clock has stood still in recent years on a number of medical-ethical issues such as completed life and multiparenthood, because agreements had been made with the smallest government party.

But in the meantime there have been elections, said Kaag, and D66 has made a significant profit. And then you also have to deliver. It was an election promise to make progress in the medical-ethical field. People voted for that. We dont just give it away.

ChristianUnion sees rather role in opposition

The Christian Union itself is still holding off the boat. Segers thinks it is important that speed is gradually made in the formation. But I feel less responsible for that, if I only have five seats and am the tenth party. Rather, he sees himself playing a constructive role in the opposition.

By the way, Hamer spoke about the content today. It covered, among other things, the economy, security, climate and migration, and the party leaders all said afterwards that there are great differences, but also many similarities. Clover liked it really very much to talk about the content. That tastes like more, he said afterwards