Former banker Draghi is the new Prime Minister of Italy

Former banker Mario Draghi can work as Prime Minister. His cabinet was officially sworn in by President Mattarella this afternoon. The government will only have to win confidence votes in both chambers of parliament next week before the installation is complete.

It is not yet entirely clear what Draghi‘s policy will be. But his main tasks are to roll out a national vaccination plan and draw up a spending plan for the European billions of aid. Especially the latter seems to be the reason why so many parties have joined him.

Although Mario Draghi can be called a true technocrat with his experience in banking, this government is not a business cabinet according to correspondent Mustafa Marghadi. โ€œIt could rather be called a government of national unity.โ€


Draghi became President of the European Central Bank in 2011, in the middle of the euro crisis. Worldwide, he was nicknamedSupermario‘ because of his relentless commitment to save the euro. โ€œWhatever it takesโ€ was his battle cry.

Prime Minister Draghi succeeds Giuseppe Conte, who saw his coalition government fall apart. Conte tried to make a new start, but when it became clear that he could no longer find a majority in parliament, Draghi was named a formateur. The president didn’t want to hold a new election in coronatiy.