Former boss Air France KLM away from IATA Airlines Club

Lead director Alexandre de Juniac leaves at the end of March at the aviation industry organisation IATA. The Frenchman, who was top man of Air France KLM between 2013 and 2016, announced this. His intended successor is the Irishman Willie Walsh.

The Juniac joined the IATA immediately after leaving Air France KLM. After more than four years, the 58-year-old Frenchman thinks it‘s a good time to leave. According to him, the industry association is more relevant than ever, as demonstrated by the role played by IATA during the coronacrisis.

A few months ago De Juniac already announced its decision internally, so that it was already possible to search for a successor. It found IATA in Willie Walsh, the former top man of British Airways mother IAG. The 59-year-old Irishman gave up that position in September. Actually, he was supposed to leave in March, but because of the coronacrisis he stayed on for several months longer.

At the IATA annual meeting later this week, Walsh’s nomination will be discussed.