Former developers of The Sims founded the Never Forget Games studio

One of the largest mobile gaming companies, Wildlife, announced the opening of a new studio. Never Forget Games is the first of a number of studios that Wildlife plans to create. It was led by gaming industry veterans: Ray Mazza and Michael Duk.

Ray Mazza was previously creative director of The Sims 4 and was responsible for overall vision and direction of design. He also worked as the lead addon designer for The Sims 3.

Under his beginnings came โ€œCareerโ€, โ€œAdventure Worldโ€, โ€œAt Duskโ€ and โ€œPetsโ€ . Michael Duke is the former senior producer of The Sims 4.

Also joining the studio was Peter Ingebretsen, lead gameplay engineer for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. The trio of Maxis veterans admitted they had long planned to team up to create an unforgettable games.

Wildlife they chose due to being able to maintain complete creative control. At the same time, the new studio will be able to use the infrastructure and publishing capabilities of Wildlife and not to delve into the organizational processes.

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