Former international Russia gets a call from Putin and must fight Ukraine

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov (pictured right), Russia‘s former international, has received a call to join the war against Ukraine as a soldier. The father of the former Spartak Moscow midfielder confirms the news, Bilyaletdinov himself has not responded yet.
Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization last week. Three hundred thousand Russians, including Bilyaletdinov, must report to the front. The 46-time Russian international served nineteen years ago, although, according to his father, he received preferential treatment at the time because he was a top athlete. As a result, he was never in the army.
37-year-old Bilyaletdinov has been called up, while Russian citizens up to 35 are in principle being called up. In addition, the name of the former footballer was spelled wrong in the letter and the letter states that he is currently playing with Spartak Moscow. โ€œSo there is still some uncertainty,โ€ says father Rinat Bilyaletdinov, recorded by Sports. โ€œBut it’
s true that Diniyar has been called up.โ€
It is still unclear what Bilyaletdinov junior will do. โ€œBut at least Diniyar won‘t flee to a country like Turkey or Kazakhstan,โ€ said his father. Lokomotiv Moscow chairman Nikolai Naumov has also responded to the news and was quite surprised. โ€œDiniyar has no military skills at all. So why send him there? I can’t imagine him really going.โ€