Former MP Norbert Klein (50Plus) died

Former MP Norbert Klein passed away. He was 65 years old. Klein was in the Chamber from 2012 to 2017. 50Plus won two seats in the 2012 election and Klein occupied one of them.

After (temporarily) stepping off party leader Krol, he became group chairman of 50Plus. But after an internal quarrel in 2014, a split followed and two groups came: 50Plus/Baay and 50Plus/Klein. The 50Plus party board chose Baay‘s side.

Some time later, Klein continued as an independent MP. He felt 50Plus developed too much as one issue movement. As MP, he submitted own-initiative proposals on the abolition of electoral circles and on the flexibilisation of the old-age pension.

Freedom Party

In the 2017 election, Klein participated in the Liberal Party he created, but he did not make seats. In March this year’s parliamentary elections, he was on the list of Free and Social Netherlands, but he did not come to the Chamber either.

Norbert Klein was also a local councilor and a member of the Provincial States of Gelderland for the VVD.