Former policeman Chauvin doesnt make a statement in lawsuit George Floyd

American former policeman Derek Chauvin, who is on trial for the death of George Floyd, will not make a statement in that case. He announced that in court. He invokes the fifth amendment – the right not to make a statement.

Chauvins lawyers wont call any more witnesses, they said today. Yesterday they did. The witnesses they summoned had to support the theory that Floyd died from drug use and existing health problems, not because Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyds neck for nearly ten minutes. Also, the lawyers brought an expert to the courtroom who stated that Chauvin quite rightly used his knee.

Senior policemen stated earlier in the trial that Chauvin did use excessive force. That, according to them, he went out of his book. Doctors summoned by the prosecutors said Floyd died of oxygen starvation.

Chauvin is suspected of murder without premeditation, manslaughter and third-degree murder. That is a term in American criminal law that is used when someone is accidentally killed as a result of a dangerous act.