Former President John Bercow switching to Labour

British politician John Bercow, former Conservative MP, switched to the Labour Party. In an explosive interview in The Observer, the former chairman of the House of Commons, made famous for his calls to order, wipes the floor with the Tories and their leader Boris Johnson.

Bercow says he sees the Conservative Party today as โ€œreactionary, populist, nationalist, and sometimes even xenophobic.โ€ Thats why he joined Labour a few weeks ago, following his wife Sally. The remarkable move is motivated by the desire to send the Johnson administration home.

โ€œMy motives are striving for equality, social justice and internationalism. Thats the characteristics of Labour. My conclusion is that the current government needs replacement. The only vehicle that can achieve that goal is the Labour Party. There is no other credible option.โ€

Extremely embarrassed

According to Bercow, Johnson is not concerned with leveling at all, despite his promises and the British with fewer privileges than he himself does not interest him. โ€œHes a successful campaigner but a worthless driver.โ€ He even describes the decision to limit international aid as โ€œextremely embarrassing.โ€

Bercow returned as a speaker of the House of Commons in 2019 after ten years. Unlike many predecessors, he was then not offered a seat at the House of Lords, the House of Lords. The Social Democrats did not propose that position either, and he certainly did not ask for it himself.