Former Prof of Vitesse, Feyenoord and Utrecht now gives mathematics: ‘I do not return back’

Arco Jochemsen played over 250 matches as a pro between 1994 and 2006, but he then took a whole different course. The former midfielder of Vitesse, Feyenoord and FC Utrecht has been active as a teacher of mathematics for several years.
Jochemsen became a youth trainer at Vitesse after his career and came into contact with a high school where some youth players followed their lessons. The fifty year old Barnevelder had already completed a study in Food Technology – โ€œWhich also contains quite a bit of mathematicsโ€ – before he became a pro, he explains to De Cceit. โ€œI was asked to tutor a number of guys and I liked that very well and thats how I rolled into education.โ€
Meanwhile, Jochemsen has said goodbye to the football world. โ€œIn 99 percent of the time we
re talking about math in class,โ€ he says. Sometimes one of his students discovers old footage on YouTube, but Jochemsen has now completely plunged into his new job. โ€œI have no ambitions to return to football. I still like the sport, but the uncertainty in football does not attract me at allโ€, it sounds. โ€œWhat Im doing now is much less of the magnifying glass and I like it better.โ€