Former scouts: ‘function elsewhere’ came from official

It was an official who added the phrase โ€œposition Omtzigt, function elsewhereโ€ to a memo for the scouts. And the point had not yet been raised in the talks with group chairmen when Kajsa Ollongren rushed out of the conversation because of a positive corontest. Thats what the former scout explained in the House of Representatives.

Former scout Jorritsma joins her answer. She calls Ollongrens contribution โ€œvery excellent.โ€

โ€œ These were pieces that we both had received that morning that were made by the staff of the House of Representatives who serve the scouts,โ€ says Ollogren. According to her, it was โ€œpoints to think about, to have in mindโ€.

Ollongren answered questions from the House of Representatives about their failed first impetus for the formation. They resigned their function last week, after the objected note was legibly photographed. Ollongren takes the blame for this and apologized.

The former scout explained emotionally how things had gone wrong. She said that โ€œin the emotion of the momentโ€ she had snatched her papers together after being told that she had been tested positive for the coronavirus. That scared her. โ€œAlso because of my health and my anti-immune disease.โ€

Both explorers initially wrote in a letter to the Chamber that a โ€œfunction elsewhereโ€ for Omtzigt was โ€œin no wayโ€ discussed with the list tractors. However, it was clear from documents about the confidential conversations that were released this morning that Rutte had said in a meeting with the scouts: You have to make something with Omtzigt: minister.

Even today, Ollongren reiterated that it had never been discussed in her memory with the chairmen of the political groups. In her own notes and in Jorritsmas, this was not the case either. She had not read the note that had been photographed at the moment she left the Binnenhof.

Last week she knew that, according to her own words, she had not informed the Chamber incorrectly – โ€œbut in good faithโ€ – because she was no longer a scout. As a result, she couldnt see the notes anymore. โ€œIf you are no longer a scout, then that is no longer your information.โ€ After she was informed of the contents last night, she saw the notes this morning.


In her two-hour answer to questions from the House of Representatives Ollongren offered her sincere apologies for mentioning the name of Omtzigt in the notes. โ€œHe is a highly valued member of this Chamber and he is a parliamentarian pur sangโ€, she began her reply.

She thinks it is not appropriate for a scout to speak out about a member of parliament in this way and also apologizes to the CDA. โ€œI would like to stress that the words function elsewhere should not have been there,โ€ she said. She swore that the piece had not yet been discussed and that if it had been inserted, the scouts would not have done anything with it.

The Chamber remained skeptical about Ollongrens explanation. A number of parties, such as the PVV, SP, JA21, BBB and FvD made it clear that they do not believe that both Rutte and Ollongren and Jorritsma remember nothing of a conversation about CDA MP Omtzigt.

Promote road

The political groups in the Chamber want to know exactly what is going on and whether the โ€œfunction elsewhereโ€ can be explained as a way of โ€œpromoting Omtzigtโ€, as CDA leader Hoekstra wondered. Ollongren said he had no memory of this kind of conversation. Suggestions that Omtzigt might be Minister or President of the Chamber do not help her.

According to Ollongren, according to the note, the CDA was discussed in the context of a discussion about stability within the CDA and the role that the party could play in a coalition. That this part is described in detail in the memo, according to Ollongren, is due to the fact that many notes are made in an exploration. โ€œThe officials who do this work record everything in detailโ€, she responded to questions from Hoekstra.

Look back here how Ollongren says he has no memory of Ruttes words, and how Wilders doesnt believe her.

Jorritsma also said that she cant remember everything from the reconnaissance interview with Rutte. Nevertheless, she said she knew that it was not about a โ€œfunction elsewhereโ€ for Omtzigt.

Like Ollongren, Jorritsma says that it was about the stability of the CDA with a view to possible participation in a coalition. She says that this is partly due to media messages about a โ€œwhisper campaignโ€ against Omtzigt. MPs pointed out to her that these reports were published only one day after the scouts had been discussed with VVD leader Rutte.

Via via

Earlier todays debate revealed that Rutte was informed this morning at 7.30 a.m.stated that he had talked about Omtzigt with Ollongren and Jorritsma. The other parties only received access to the documents between 09.00 and 10.00 a.m.

Rutte said in response to questions that he was informed โ€œvia viaโ€. The Chamber, very disgrunted by this state of affairs, also wants an explanation of how that could happen. The parties want to know who Rutte got the information from, but he refuses to reveal his source. In order to clarify this, the new explorers, Van Ark and Great Tit, are also called to the Chamber.

Look back here how Jorritsma also does not have a clear memory but knows how to say more and more: