Former Splinter Cell producer joins Amazon Games

Alexandre Parizeau, former senior producer of Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six Vegas, has joined Amazon Games โ€” at his new location he will lead the game‘s development with competitive multiplayer. The Montreal studio will focus on โ€œcreating original AAA games,โ€ and the upcoming IP will be its first project. Nothing is known about the genre yet.

โ€œAlex has a lot of experience in building talented teams and creating successful games. It’s perfect for the goal we want to achieve in our new studio in Montreal.

โ€ โ€œAt Ubisoft Montreal and Toronto, Alex managed the development teams behind major franchises, and he immediately understood the vision and creative ideas of our team. โ€ Now Parizeau continues assemble a development team.

Amazon Games has promised to reveal more about the new project when the time comes. More on Gamemania Black Desert authors are working on PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the game Evil Genius 2 has received a free Portal style add-on Gather the Army of Darkness and take over the world & mdash; showed fresh gameplay of V Rising.