Former Trump advisor Bannon stays away from investigation Capitol storming

Steve Bannon, former advisor to US former President Trump, did not show up today to the Special Parliamentary Committee investigating the storming of the Capitol on 6 January. The committee has now asked the Public Prosecutors Office to prosecute Bannon for contempt of Congress, something that is punishable in the US.

Last week it was announced that Trump has called on his former associates not to be questioned by the committee. Bannon informed that he is following Trumps advice. He believes with Trump that the talks they had were confidential and the committee cannot force them to disclose the content.

Crucial Point

According to correspondent Lucas Waagmeester, the study has now reached a crucial point. Justice, and then the judge, will now have to check whether the talks between Trump and his associates fall under the secrecy to which a president is entitled. According to the parliamentary committee, this right has expired now that Trump is no longer a president.

Another former employee summoned for today may not show up either. That is also unclear from two former employees who would be heard tomorrow. In total, the committee summoned nineteen former employees.

Protest rally

There are also former staff members who will be heard by the committee. There are also staff who organised the White House protest meeting on 6 January against the outcome of the November presidential election. The commissions goal is to find out the extent to which Trump was responsible for storming the Capitol.

Trump reiterated at the protest meeting that Democrats had been fraudulent, an allegation that has proven to be false time and time again. He instructed his following not to resign himself to his defeat and go to the Capitol. The Senate was there to confirm the election results. โ€œFight like hell,โ€ he said, which means as much as โ€œfight if your life depends on it.โ€