Former Xbox and EA Sports chief Peter Moore now works at Unity

Former Xbox and EA Sports head Peter Moore announced that he joined Unity‘s team as senior vice president and general manager of the Sports & Live Entertainment. Earlier in this Moore said that he became a board member of the mobile game publishing house Nifty Games. Moore’s career in the gaming industry began in 1998, when he joined SEGA, where he was engaged in Dreamcast.

He later left publishing, having already been head of the North American division. In 2003, Moore moved to Microsoft, where he headed the Xbox and Xbox 360 generations gaming division.

In 2007, he headed EA Sports, and in 2012 became Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts. From Electronic Arts and gaming industry Moore left in 2017, when he became the new chief executive Liverpool Football Club.

Last August, he left the position. More on Gambling Rogalik Skul: The Hero Slayer exited Early Access Steam Test HITMAN 3 from Digital Foundry: Xbox Series X bypassed PS5 by permission Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to Play Dead Cells for free.