Formula 1 short training times in

The Formula 1 teams will have one hour shorter to prepare for qualification and race starting next season. The new sports regulations show that the first two trainings will not be completed in an hour and a half, but in an hour. The change has yet to be confirmed by Formula One.

Thus, the FIA equals the three training times. The drivers have one hour in each training on Friday and Saturday in order to fine-tune the car in the best possible way for the qualification and the race. The design of the qualifying and the race remains the same.

Max Verstappen indicated earlier that he was a supporter of shorter training times. According to Red Bull driver, less training time can benefit the entertainment value and result in a more unpredictable and interesting racing weekend. Next year, the Formula 1 season consists of a record number of 23 races. With the shorter training time, the teams get a little more rest during the weekend. Max Verstappen starts his hunt for his first Formula One title on 21 March in Australia.