Fortnite authors admitted ‘impostor’ regime was inspired by Among Us

Fortnite authors admitted in a fresh note on the site that โ€œImpostorsโ€ mode was indeed inspired by Among Us. The issue of the similarity of the mode to the popular game was raised back in August, when the authors of Among Us commented ironically on the parallels, noting that such a trend upset them. Although they did not file a patent on the mechanics of Among Us.

Now, Fortnite developers in a post about the v18. 20 update for โ€œImpostorsโ€ have acknowledged the sources of inspiration.

When the developers of Among Us noticed, the first people said they had โ€œalways been fansโ€ and then offered to discuss a collaboration. Its likely that costumes from Among Us or something similar will appear in โ€œImpostors.

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