Fortuna Sittard continues to impress with ‘miracle doctor’ Sjors Ultee at helm

Fortuna Sittard has another victory on Saturday under trainer Sjors Ultee. The Limburgers, who lost to Sparta Rotterdam on Wednesday after a handsome series, defeated PEC Zwolle with 2-0

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the goals in winter Zwolle came under the name of Zian Flemming and the Mats Seuntjens.

Ultee took over from Kevin Hofland at the beginning of December, and then grabbed 13 points in his first five duels as head coach at Fortuna. The defeat against Sparta turned out to be well processed on Saturday. Of the many opportunities Fortuna had, Flemming took advantage of one in the 57th minute. The midfielder was owned by PEC last season, which rented him to NEC. Last summer Flemming switched to Fortuna, for which he has scored six times.

PEC was attacking powerless. Shortly after rest it got a chance through Eliano Reijnders, who got the ball wrong. After Flemmings hit – another shot from outside the sixteen meter area – the home team still urged with shots from Thomas Lam and a chance for Mike van Duinen. But shortly before, Seuntjens decided the duel. The fifth victory took Fortuna along PEC in eleventh place in the Eredivisie.

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