Fortuna Sittard talks with Sneijder: ‘I find it very interesting’

Wesley Sneijder is talking to Fortuna Sittard, he says to Veronica Offside. What role he might get is not yet clear, but it would be a role behind the scenes. Fortuna confirms the discussions with this website, but does not want to reveal the content yet.
Sneijder was present in Sittard last weekend and may be connecting to Fortuna. โ€œBy now, I know its a project. Theres not much I can say about that. I just know its a long-term project. A project bigger than Sittard. Collaborations? Also. There will be more clubs that commit to one package. This includes Fortuna. I find that very interesting,โ€ says Sneijder.
โ€œWill I get a role? Who knows, that opportunity is present. I had a good conversation and that
s why I went there. Burak (Yilmaz, ed.) will also not be here for one or two years, but for a longer period of time. Perhaps not just as a player, but as a sort of figurehead. Also towards Turkey and perhaps other countries. What am I going to do? I dont know that yet. I have several options, but I am talking. I have to look at what Im most comfortable with. These are things that need to be discussed in the future,โ€ says Sneijder.
Will Sneijder, who, as a former player of Galatasaray, has many Turkish connections, have control over, for example, the new trainer or technical director? โ€œI dont know, were not there yet, but Ill undoubtedly be part of it.โ€