Forum candidate spreads far-reaching conspiracy theories

A candidate on the Forum voor Democracy electoral list, Ab Kuijer (spot 31), is wholesaling on his website and Twitter account in far-reaching conspiracy theories. For example, he suggests that Prime Minister Mark Rutte is a pedophile and that billionaires George Soros and Bill Gates are behind the coronapandemic.

The statements of Kuijer were discovered by factchecker Peter Burger of the University of Leiden.

The self-proclaimed ‘wappie’ Kuijer also promotes the controversial conspiracy cult Qanon, joins a conspiracy theory on alleged satanic child murders in Bodegraven and recommends an article by a UFO spotter who claims to have contact with alien intelligence.

FVD leader Thierry Baudet said he had rather distanced himself from conspiracy theories, after former party mates blamed him for believing in unproven conspiracies. Baudet would have said that โ€œcorona had been brought into the world by George Soros and others (…) to take away our freedom and start a new world dominationโ€, after having failed to do so before โ€œHillary Clinton and the pedophilesโ€.

However, candidate parliamentarian Kuijer of the party shares, among other things, an article from a website full of anti-Semitic articles and images.

โ€œ Rutte loves children,โ€ Kuijer tweets on December 15. โ€œAsk Joris Demminkโ€, referring to unproven accusations of child abuse by the former top official. According to Kuijer, Donald Trump would โ€œroll up the elite networkโ€.

Kuijer, who adopted the term ‘wappie’ as a geuzen name, also uses the Qanon term ‘The Great Awakening’ several times.

โ€œSit too much in the sunโ€

Peter Burger of Nieuwscheckers previously studied which sources Thierry Baudet quotes on Twitter: โ€œAlthough Baudet claims to have renounced conspiracy thinking, he still retweets many anti-Semitic accounts, conspiracy thinkers and Qanon supporters. To my stupid surprise it turned out that one of those conspiracy thinkers is on Forum‘s candidate list.โ€

In a comment, the spokesman for Forum for Democracy says that all candidate MPs of FvD are tweeting in a personal capacity. The party claims to be unfamiliar with the tweets. โ€œThey do not represent the party positions or the ideas of FvD.โ€ The party states that Baudet is still behind his disapproval of conspiracy theories and that the tweets of the number 31 on the list โ€œabsolutely do not matchโ€.

Forum for Democracy emphasises that it wants nothing to do with conspiracy theories. โ€œFurthermore, we are happy to leave these messages by Mr. Kuijer for his account.โ€ Ab Kuijer responds via the party from his home address to the Cรดte d’Azur: โ€œTell me I had a little too much sun.โ€ He does not want to go into the substance of the matter.


Ab Kuijer writes on his French-language website that the โ€œglobalistsโ€ George Soros, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum are the cause of the pandemic.

Kuijer also retweets a message from his wife in which she writes that Bill Gates is โ€œa murdererโ€. Kuijer writes in a comment that Gates โ€œwants to make a big profit by injecting a fake vaccineโ€. He also spreads hoaxes on Twitter, like the made-up message that a vaccinated American nurse died.

The Forum candidate also regularly tweets about ‘The Great Reset’ a plan of the World Economic Forum for a more sustainable and fairly divided economy after the coronapandemic. However, Kuijer spreads the conspiracy theory that the plan involves ‘the killing of 3 billion people’. Baudet also played a major role in spreading the conspiracy theories invented around the plan.

Kuijer believes that Donald Trump has won the American election and that his profit has been stealed. Among other things, he blame this on a fabricated hack of voting machines. According to him, the Capitol was stormed not by Trump supporters but by antifa. Later he even argues that the whole storm was staged and the Democratic House President Nancy Pelosi was arrested.