Forum leader Baudet calls unvaccinated ‘the new Jews’

Forum for Democracy Leader Baudet calls people who are not vaccinated โ€œthe new Jewsโ€. In a Twitter post, he writes that the current situation, due to the corona measures, is comparable to the 1930s and 40s, and sees โ€œthe looking away exclusionsโ€ as Nazis and NSB.

Yesterday Baudet said at a meeting of his party that vaccination policy violates the integrity of the human body and thus an important fundamental right. โ€œOne autograph by Hugo the Jonge. And Willem-Alexander has only empowered that a bit, the flaccid dick.โ€

Baudet caused a fuss in September, in the debate about Princes Day, because he had talked about the โ€œholocaustโ€ in a tweet. MPs said the quotation marks made it look like he was questioning the assassination of 6 million Jews. Prime Minister Rutte also said that it can be โ€œincredibly sensitiveโ€ if history is cited in a โ€œthoughtless mannerโ€.

Baudet distanced himself from the criticism and said he had used the word as a quote and therefore used quotation marks.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives talks to the Cabinet about the new corona measures. It will therefore be about the possible 2G policy, where only people who have been vaccinated or cured from corona can get a QR code for access to the hospitality industry, among others.