Forum leader Baudet hangs suspension over head, eight parties file complaint

Forum for Democracy leader Baudet hangs a suspension over the head. Eight parties (VVD, D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, PvdA, Party for the Animals and Volt) tell RTL Nieuws that they are filing a complaint against Baudet. This is how they want to force him to abide by the rules of parliament.

Baudet refuses to report ancillary functions, additional income and donations in a public register. If the complaint is taken over, the Forum Leader may be suspended for at least one month. He may be in the Chamber and vote with him, but not speak.

The complaint has been filed with an independent committee that deals with the integrity of the House of Representatives: the College of Integrity Investigation. The college consists of three members, it is unclear how long the college needs to reach an opinion on the complaint.

Previously reprimanded

Reporting ancillary positions, donations and additional income in a public register is mandatory for MPs. Baudet was reprimanded by the college in March. Nevertheless, even after the reprimand, Baudet refuses to report his ancillary functions and side merits, prompting the eight groups to file a complaint.

Commenting on the complaint, Baudet says that the real corruption is happening by โ€œthe party cartel intertwined with a job carouselโ€. Baudet calls it an obsession on the part of the parties to want everything public.