Found body that ‘matches’ missing Gabby Petito

Police in Wyoming state have found a body that “matches” with the description of 22-year-old missing woman Gabrielle Gabby Petito. Her missing has been gripping the United States for days.

The FBI says it hasnt officially identified the body yet. Even though Petitos family has been informed and even condoled by the FBI. The cause of death has yet to be determined. The body was found on a quest in a Wyoming national park.

Petito was reported missing after her boyfriend Brian Laundrie returned alone from a months-long journey across the United States on September 1st. The couple left Petitos home state of New York for their road trip in June. They traveled in a van to the west of the country and had plans to visit multiple national parks along the way.

The two documented their social media journey. Petito posted her last photo online on August 25th. She was probably on her way to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming at the time, according to her family.

However, her friend

Laundrie seems to have disappeared

from the face of the face of the earth. Family members informed the police on Friday that they havent seen him since Tuesday. In the days before his own disappearance, 23-year-old Laundrie refused to speak to police investigators and took a lawyer in the arm.

Row during road trip

Police are currently only noticing him as a “person of interest” in the case. However, according to The New York Times, he and Petito had a fight during their trip. And also on agent body cameras, which broadcast American media, Gabby says crying that she is struggling with mental health problems. The officers in question had come to a domestic violence report. In the end, the couple did not report and neither of them had to go to the agency.

Gabbys father Joseph Petito tweeted a photo of his daughter, with a broken heart: “She has touched the world.