Found out: What about the new versions of the corona virus?

Exactly a year ago, for the first time, we made an Oft-out on the coronavirus. In the meantime a lot has changed in the Netherlands.

We are in a strict lockdown, in the evening you are not allowed to go out on the streets and mouthcaps are mandatory in many places.

More contagious

But did you know that the virus itself has also changed? It might be even more contagious now.

What does that mean for children? And how long will it take before life comes back to normal? You‘ll hear it in the new Searched About Viruses:

According to experts, corona is unlikely to disappear altogether. The virus is too much spread around the world to stop.

Many countries have therefore started to vaccinate so that people are protected from corona. With such a prick, your body can beat the virus right away and you don’t get very sick, is the idea.

Previous picked out

Look below at our previous Looked out about the coronavirus. It‘s funny to see again, because in that video we just gave each other another hand! You can’t imagine that now, can you?