‘Found the referee blurred anyway’

Frenkie de Jong has had a somewhat frustrating evening. The Orange designer received an early kick against Poland from Grzegorz Krychowiak and was annoyed with referee Halil Umut Meler from Turkey.
De Jong escaped a serious ankle injury early on, after a charge by the Polish captain on his ankle. The leader kept it yellow. โ€œI found the referee a bit blurry anyway, honestly. I guess he didn‘t have it today (Saturday, ed.). That could happen once, of course, but I don’t think he was ready for it,โ€ says De Jong in conversation with DecceIt.
Umut Meler fell short at times and saw one upheaval after another. โ€œSometimes it‘s not so bad to stir up the fire a little, put pressure on the referee. Because at the end, if in doubt, he still gives us a penalty. People tend to be negative about it, but I think it helps. Do I do that for a purpose? Sometimes it is with frustration, but there is also a goal behind it.โ€
Analyst Rafael van der Vaart calls on De Jong to be less involved with the referee. The inspector takes the advice partly to heart. โ€œMy friends and family also sometimes say to me: don’
t be so wild at the referee. I often go there with my arms up. That comes across as a bit aggressive. I can certainly do less, but occasionally it is good to put pressure on the referee.โ€