Four dead in Danish action against piracy in West Africa

The Danish Navy killed four people off the coast of West Africa in an action against piracy. That happened yesterday just outside the territorial waters of Nigeria.

A Seahawk helicopter from the frigate Esbern Snare saw a high-speed motorboat with eight passengers standing suspiciously close to a number of cargo ships. Warning shots were then unloaded from the Danish ship to force the boat to stop. The suspected pirates fired back in a targeted manner, according to a statement by the Danish Navy.

The Danes also shot on that. Four soldiers of the pirate boat were killed, a fifth were injured. The boat was sunk. According to the Danish Navy, there was self-defense. No Danish naval people were injured in the incident. Four pirates have been captured and brought aboard the frigate.

Prime Minister visiting

The Esbern Snare is one of the largest combat ships in the Danish Navy at almost 138 meters. The frigate was commissioned in 2005 and is regularly used in international missions. There are approximately 175 crew members on board.

The ship was stationed in the Gulf of Guinea a year ago as part of a mission against piracy. The waters off the West African coast are among the most dangerous in the world for merchant navy. From 2008 to 2017, Danish naval ships were also active in the region.

Just this week, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is visiting the region. A visit to the Esbern Snare was also on the program, but at the time of the incident she was not on board, a spokesperson reports.