Four deaths found after Florida flat disaster; number of missing persons running

The death toll of the Surfside flat disaster near Miami has risen from one to four, and the number of missing persons is much higher than previously reported. According to the mayor of Dade County, 159 people are missing. Yesterday there were 99 missing people.

Its hard to determine how many people were in the flat, because there are many foreign tourists among them, who often stay for a short time. Among the missing ones are, for example, a couple from Argentina with their daughter, Orthodox Jews from Israel and Russia and the sister of the first lady of Paraguay.

The twelve-story apartment building in the U.S. state of Florida suddenly collapsed last night. Rescue workers are still looking for missing people under the rubble. It is not known if the deaths that are now reported were found between the debris or have succumbed to their injuries in the hospital.

The work is systematically and cautiously with the help of detective dogs, small and agile cameras and equipment that can capture sounds from any survivors.

Florida declared the state of emergency. President Biden has pledged federal help. Part of the destroyed building has not collapsed, but there is a risk of collapse.

How many people are still under the rubble is unclear. Some may have been elsewhere when the building collapsed. It may also be that survivors have not reported themselves to the authorities and are now elsewhere.

A total of 37 people were taken from the apartment building.

Eyewitnesses tell what they saw:

The 1981 apartment building collapsed around 02:00 local time last night. How that could happen is a mystery for now. CNN spoke to a professor who found in a study last year that the apartment building had foolished in the 90s. It would be two millimetres a year between 1993 and 1999.

According to Professor Shimon Wdowinski, those subsidence may not have been the immediate cause of the collapse of the building, but may have contributed to that. โ€œIf one part of the building moves relative to the other, it can cause tension and crack.โ€

A man whose mother is missing tells that she heard cracking and squeaking a day before the collapse. โ€œShe told me she woke up at night with cracking sounds.โ€