Four men arrested for anti-Semitic slogans in London, British politicians fiercely in condemnation

British police arrested four suspects after a social media video screaming hate-making anti-Semitic texts from cars in a London neighbourhood. The cars, decorated with Palestinian flags, rode honking through a neighborhood in the north of London where many Jews live. A man with a megaphone scanned offensive texts and called, among other things, โ€œto rape the daughters of Jewsโ€.

The Center Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) also shared the images online:

The video led to great indignation in Britain. Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemns the anti-Semitic slogans. โ€œThere is no place for anti-Semitism in our society,โ€ he tweeted. โ€œI support the British Jews who should be spared the shameful racism we have seen today.โ€

Other British politicians also condemn the incident. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab called it โ€œdisgusting and shamefulโ€. Labour leader Keir Starmer also spoke of an โ€œabsolutely disgustingโ€ incident and said that this must certainly have consequences. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced that police โ€œhave full support for their zero tolerance approachโ€ and announced additional police patrols. โ€œHate crimes are unapologetic and do not belong in our city,โ€ he said.

The woman who filmed the convoy wants to remain anonymous, but told the BBC she had to cry when she saw what happened. โ€œHow can this be the world we live in today? I felt scared and appalled that something like this happens in this country. What if Id walked there alone wearing something that could tell them Im Jewish? I dont feel safe in my own home.โ€


The four men who have now been arrested were held outside the capital. They are suspected of racism and disturbance of public order, according to the police. โ€œThis behavior was downright shocking and will not be tolerated.โ€

The incident coincides with an escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians in the Middle East. Yesterday thousands of people in London demonstrated out of loyalty to the Palestinians. The organisation of the protest called on the British Government to not leave unpunished the brutal violence of Israel and the repression of the Palestinian people.

Just last Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke firmly against anti-Semitic incidents that occurred last week during pro-Palestinian demonstrations in several German cities. Synagogues were attacked in Dรผsseldorf, Bonn and Mannheim and Israeli flags were burned.