Four men arrested in Iceland for preparing terror attacks

The Icelandic police have arrested four men suspected of preparing terrorist attacks. Semi-automatic weapons and thousands of ammunition were also seized at nine locations. According to the police, the large-scale operation is the first of its kind in Iceland, which ranks as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

The detained men are in their thirties, reports Icelandic public broadcaster RUV. They are also suspected of large-scale weapon production using 3D printers. The police said at a press conference that Iceland, where some 375,000 people live, is safer now that the men have been arrested.

The foursome are said to have had plans for attacks on Icelandic state institutions and citizens. According to the police, the parliament and the police were probably targeted. The police were still unable to say anything about the suspects motive.

Any international ties investigated

The four suspects were arrested yesterday in the towns of Kopavogur and Mosfellsbaer, near the capital Reykjavik. According to the police, fifty officers were involved in the operation, whose investigation has been ongoing for weeks.

Two detainees were taken into pre-trial detention. Nothing has been disclosed about the other two. The police did not want to say whether the foursome are involved in extremist organizations, RUV reports.

Any links with such organizations are still being investigated. The police have therefore reached out to foreign authorities.