Four naval ships out of service to corona outbreak on board

The Royal Navy has temporarily decommissioned four naval vessels after coronavirus infestations have been detected on board. The ships are locked, the crew is home.

That reports the Reformatorisch Dagblad. Three naval ships (Zr.Ms. Charles Doorman, Van Speijk and Zr.Ms. The Seven Provinces) were on their way to the Hybrid Archer exercise in Norway, but returned halfway to Den Helder. The vessels left on Monday.

On all three warships, a positive positive test has been carried out on corona. Because source and contact research among the other crew members has too much impact on the deployment, the Navy has decided to bring back the ships. Van Amstel has been lying along the shore in Den Helder since Tuesday, after twelve contaminants had been counted on board. On a fifth vessel, Mr. Ms. Vlaardingen, Corona has also been established, but this ship could leave if necessary. De Vlaardingen is located in Den Helder since Friday.