Four ‘PSV coin throwers’ sentenced to imprisonment and fine in Spain

Four supporters of the PSC have been sentenced to three monthsimprisonment and a fine of EUR 1 500 in Spain. The fans were punished for, among other things, throwing coins at beggars prior to the Champions League match against Atlรฉtico Madrid in March 2016, when images of PSV supporters humiliating Roma beggars in Plaza Mayor appeared in Spain and the Netherlands. The four fans who were finally convicted were initially sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of โ‚ฌ600. The prison sentence was eventually lowered and the fine increased. The four convicted accepted the sentence, reports the Spanish news agency EFE.
In addition to throwing coins, one old woman was forced to push herself and another accompanying fan burned a EUR 5 note in front of the beggars. The four convicted fans do not, in principle, have to serve their sentences. In Spain, this applies to all prison sentences under two years of imprisonment on first conviction.
The fans have also been banned from stadiums for between one and three years in the Netherlands.