Four teenagers arrested for stabbing Spijkenisse

On Wednesday morning, the police arrested four boys aged 14, 15, 16 and 18 due to possible involvement in a stabbing incident in Spijkenisse on 22 October. In addition, a 25-year-old Belgian was seriously injured. What exactly happened is still unclear. The police keep โ€œmany blows to the arm, but takes into account a possible unsuccessful robberyโ€, says a spokesman.

That Thursday the Belgian parked his car at the Beverveen around 23.30, because he thought he had a date. He was probably addressed there by two men. At midnight, local residents heard calls for help, after which they found the man bleeding on a bike path a little further away. What has happened in the meantime is still unknown. The police spokesperson says that a failed robbery is possible, since the man still had all his belongings as far as we know.

The victim was hospitalized. He has undergone a number of surgeries and has been artificially kept asleep for several days. โ€œThe victim is now knowledgeable but he is in bad shape, so it is difficult to speak to him,โ€ says the spokesman.

The four suspects are from Spijkenisse.