Four years prison and tbs with forced care for rape student Rotterdam

The man in Rotterdam who raped a then 20-year-old Indonesian student in 2018 and used a lot of violence, was sentenced on appeal to a prison sentence of four years and TBS with forced care. The court thus responds to the demand of the Public Prosecutors Office.

Two years ago, the now 21-year-old Gerson F. was imputed for juvenile detention and youth TBS. The court now finds that TBS with forced care is more appropriate, also at the โ€œexplicit requestโ€ of F. himself.

Serious personality disorder

The court took into account in its judgment that the defendant had been seriously neglected in his childhood. He would have had to deal with (sexual) violence as a child. Also, Gerson F. would have the emotional level of a child.

On appeal it has been established that the defendant has a serious personality disorder and is severely incapable of imputability, the court notes. According to the court, the risk of F. going back to the wrong place is very high.

Quiet trek

On 21 June 2018, 21-year-old Gerson F. met with the exchange student at the door of her home in the De Esch district. He strangled, abused and raped her, causing the woman to be seriously injured.

She survived the attack, but the rape led to a lot of anger in her residential area. Residents expressed support with a silent journey in which hundreds of people participated.