Fourteen boat refugees rescued from sea near Mallorca, three people missing

In the Mediterranean Sea, near the Spanish island of Mallorca, a Spanish rescue team and the crew of a sailboat have rescued fourteen boat refugees from the sea. Three people are missing.

It was previously reported that eleven bodies were found in the sea and three people were rescued, but authorities report that this is wrong.

Emergency services encountered the migrants after helicopters and lifeboats were sent to Cabrera, a small island south of Mallorca. The rescue was started after the crew of a sailboat saw several people in the sea.


are migrants who tried to reach the Spanish islands or the mainland from North Africa. A growing number of migrants have been trying to cross over the Mediterranean to Spain in recent weeks. The Coast Guard saved 277 people in a day last week.

This year, at least a thousand people died on their journey by sea to Spanish territory. According to the International Organization for Migration, the deadliest so far on the migration route to Spain this year was.