Fourth federal execution this year in the U.S., more than the past 56 years combined

The U.S. federal government has now carried out more executions with a fourth death sentence this year than in the 56 years before. Lezmond Mitchell (38) was convicted of the murder of a 9-year-old and her grandmother. He was killed with an injection.

The execution of Mitchell is the fourth by the federal government this year. The other three were in July. Tomorrow, another death sentence is scheduled to be executed, Keith Nelson.

In July, immediately after a decision of the Supreme Court, prisoner Daniel Lewis Lee was executed, the first federal execution since 2003. The court had authorised the executions of four persons sentenced to death, while a lower court had previously prohibited the executions.

Federal executions were rare for years. Some states did continue to execute people sentenced to death in recent years, such as Texas. The death penalty has been abolished in more than twenty American states

Protest Indian tribe

Mitchell’s death penalty was protested against by leaders of Navajo Indian tribe. They had called on President Trump to stop the execution because it would violate tribal culture and sovereignty.