Fourth start Mars helicopter Ingenuity failed

After three successful flights on Mars, the planned fourth start of the mini helicopter Ingenuity failed. The almost 2 kilos unmanned American aircraft did not rise from the red planet, announced the American space agency NASA.

The problem is being investigated and the intention is to make another attempt soon, according to NASA. The fourth flight needs to be farther, faster and longer than the first three. Planned are a duration of almost two minutes, a speed of 3.5 meters per second and well over the double distance so far.

The Ingenuity (Ingenuity) made history over a week ago by being the first aircraft to make a flight on another planet. The first flight lasted 40 seconds.

The Ingenuity is expected to fly about five times, each time several hundred meters further. If the technology turns out to work well, helicopters can help to explore an alien destination much faster.