Frame Fatales Women Speedraners Festival to open on November 15

Organisers of the Games Done Quick charity marathon series have announced a new initiative, the online Festival Frame Fatales 2020. It is dedicated to women speedraners and will take place from 15 to 21 November on Twitch. The first โ€œhigh-speedโ€ Festival Frame Fatales was held in May 2019, and in February 2020 was held a special the Frost Fatales charity marathon.

The November event is also dedicated to charity: the participants will support the Malala Foundation, which ensures the right to education for girls up to 12 years. During Frame Fatales participants will try to put new records in a number of games including Dark Souls, Hades, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Ori and the Blind Forest, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Super Mario Odyssey and Celeste.

Mostly claimed model any% – Girls just need to get to the final as quickly as possible. But some games need to pass without using bugs, collect certain items in them, complete tasks 100%.

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