France compulsory coronapas from August when visiting hospitality and shopping malls

Those visiting a cafe, cinema or other public place in France from early August should prove that they have been fully vaccinated, tested negatively, or recently recovered from a corona infection. President Macron said that in a TV speech. The duty of proof also applies on the train or plane.

French can use their coronapass. It is unclear whether Dutch holidaymakers can use the international QR code in their CoronaCheck-app. There may be more information about that in the coming days.

Vaccination duty for care

Macron called on all French people to get vaccinated. This is even mandatory for healthcare workers if parliament agrees to do so. They should be inated before September 15th. Then there will be sanctions for those who refuse.

The President advised everyone to get inaugurated as soon as possible. โ€œWe have to achieve that all French people are vaccinated, thats the only way to return to a normal life.โ€

Strong Revival

Just over half of the French have had at least one vaccination, about 40 percent have been fully vaccinated. That is too little to stop the advance of the delta variant of the virus, with the vaccination rate stoppable.

For two weeks now, the number of infections has been increasing again. โ€œThe country sees a strong upturn of the epidemic that strikes everywhere,โ€ Macron said. But hes getting rid of a new lockdown for the time being. โ€œWell have to live with it.โ€