France fines Google 220 million euros

Google has been fined EUR 220 million by the French Competition Authority. The search engine is fined for abuse of its dominant position in the online advertising market.

According to the regulator, Google has benefited its own services to the detriment of competitors. Media companies News Corp, the Belgian Groupe Rossel and the French newspaper Le Figaro lodged a complaint with the cartel watchdog Autoritรฉ de la concurrence.

That supervisor says the tech giant has agreed to the fine and is going to take steps to improve it. The fine is important, says the regulator, because it is the first to look at the use of complex algorithms in online advertising.

In 2019 Google received a fine of 150 million euros in France. That was then about breaching the competition rules in the case of online advertising. And in May Italy imposed a fine of EUR 100 million for abuse of power. In Germany, too, there is an investigation into the abuse of power by the Internet giant.