France handing out first tap

France has won the first real cracker at the European Championships. Les Bleus managed to win the titanium struggle with Germany, despite a broad predominance: 1-0, and the French immediately achieved their status as a top candidate.
The riot between Kylian Mbappé and Olivier Giroud was central to France before the European Championships, but that seems to have strengthened the French. The Didier Deschamps team kicked the accelerator pedal and grabbed Germany right by the throat. The Germans went after France almost the entire first half and were completely overwhelmed.
France couldnt be long ahead of time. Manuel Neuer was a feline goal of Mbappé, but had no response to the input of his own Mats Hummels. The defender returned to the national team shot a cross by Lucas Hernández unfortunately in his own goal. It wasnt until the moment of rest that Germany did hear from it. Prior to that, France was the floor continuously.
Only after the rest did the topper really come to life. After Adrien Rabiot left the chance of 2-0 for France (he shot on the pole), Germany woke up. After that, a phase of about ten minutes followed when the Germans were supreme, had multiple chances, and France had a hard time. Germany was fifty minutes after France, but now pushed the French far back.
However, Frances counters proved deadly, Germany experienced several times. However, it was also helped twice by the arbitration. Mbappé saw two goals being rejected for offside, twice after Germanys defense was completely destroyed.

Germany tried it until the last minute, but takes the first tap on the European Championships. This Saturday, Joachim Löws team will get a chance for revanche, then Portugal will be the opponent.
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