France suspends controversial bird hunting with glue

For the time being, French hunters are no longer allowed to catch birds with a glue stick, President Macron has determined. This is a controversial technique, which is still allowed in five regions around Nice and Marseille.

In the method, hunters smear sticks and branches with glue, which prevents birds from coming off. They mainly want to catch blackbirds and thrushes. Thrush pรขtรฉ is known in France as delicatesse.

France has been under fire for a long time for allowing the catching technique. It has been banned at EU level since 1979, but France made an exception for five southern regions. The European Commission has criticised the country for this.


France now suspends the use of the glue stick until 1 January 2021. Macron has not yet opted for a definitive ban, because he is still waiting for a ruling from the European Court of Justice

64 species

BirdLife International says to the BBC that of all EU countries France protects birds the worst. According to the protection organisation, 64 species can be hunted in the country, while the European average is 30

In the Netherlands only three birds may be hunted: the mallard duck, the pheasant and the wood pigeon.