France/Covid-19: Call for help from an Ehpad that has 83 positive residents out of 86

An Ehpad des Deux-Sèvres, which has 83 coronavirus-positive residents out of 86 (96%), launched an urgent appeal Thursday to receive reinforcements caregivers and non-caregivers, it was learned from the town hall.

From no cases of Covid-19 three weeks ago, the Ehpad de Secondigny went to a few cases fifteen days ago, then to 83 cases among the residents, to which are added several cases within the staff of 70 people, told AFP the mayor of Secondigny, Jany Péronnet, also president of this communal Ehpad.

Three deaths were recorded in three days, those of people weakened by other pathologies.

All precautions were taken as soon as the cases increased, the residents confined to the room, the staff reached staying at home, or equipped with gloves and overblouses for those stayed at the Ehpad.

But Mr Péronnet fears a very complicated situation if the virus affects more healthcare personnel, who are already working 12 hours and can no longer keep up.

On its website, the Ehpad de Secondigny writes that it kept good for 10 months without the slightest case of Covid-19. To date, we are in turn affected by this pandemic. We call on all available people, caregivers and non-caregivers, to come to reinforcement on the Ehpad.

According to the town hall, twenty, probably more reinforcements will be needed to ensure the functioning of the Ehpad, caring tasks or not.

The town hall relayed this call, approached the interim, and received an offer from the SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service) to support.

The mayor said he could not explain the acceleration of contamination in the facility at a terrible speed. He sees it as a likely accumulation of things, including staff movements during the holiday season, and hospitalization returns from residents.

The management of Ehpad could not be reached on Thursday at the end of the day.

The Deux-Sèvres, according to the last weekly review of the Regional Health Agency (ARS), are by far the first department of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in terms of viral circulation. The incidence rate is 238.6 cases per 100,000 population, but 326 for those over 65 years of age. There are 22 Ehpad affected by the epidemic.