France/Covid: 359 new deaths in 24 hours

The number of Covid-19 patients who died in hospital in the last 24 hours amounted to 359, and 327 patients were admitted to intensive care, according to figures published on Saturday by Santรฉ publique France.

The number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic has risen to 44,246, of which 30,507 have been in hospital.

On Friday, 467 people had died and 473 had entered an intensive care or intensive care unit.

Regarding those hospitalized in the hospital, there are now 4,855 people, down from Friday (4,887 people), which means that nearly 500 people have left these services since the previous day.

The number of people hospitalized due to Covid-19 amounts to 32.468, down slightly from the previous day (32.676).

The number of hospitalizations exceeded the peak reached in the first wave in the spring of 32.292 patients on 14 April.

The positivity rate of the tests continues to decline, at 17.3%. It exceeded 20% at the beginning of November.

In an interview with Le Monde on Sunday, Prime Minister Jean Castex warned that we would have to โ€œlive with the virus for a long timeโ€.

On Monday, the US laboratories Pfizer and German BionTech said their vaccine candidate was โ€œ90% effectiveโ€ against Covid-19, according to the ongoing Phase 3 large-scale trial, the final step before an application for approval, generating a wave of hope in the world.

But the French government remains on guard. โ€œThe prospect of a vaccine is getting closer. There is the Pfizer project, but also many others in the trial phase. We must be prepared while remaining cautious,โ€ Castex says, who insures that they have โ€œalready secured ordersโ€.