Frank Darabont judged $200M from “Walking Dead” authors

The long legal conflict regarding The Walking Dead between AMC, directed by Frank Darabont (Escape from Shawshank) and CAA has come to an end. The latter would receive payments of $200m and some interest on the revenues of projects around the universe, although the original amount was closer to $300 million. The conflict erupted back in 2013 when the production designer, who was handling the series debut season, was suddenly fired in preparation for the second season.

The director believed that he did not receive a significant portion of the fee due to the low price of selling a license on the series. Later, AMC was sued for similar reasons by original comic author Robert Kirkman and other producers.

It surprised some that such a long proceeding was resolved peacefully, but the media suggest that this could be beneficial to AMC in the long term. the main series on the universe, after which additional projects are scheduled to be released — if the court case had lasted even longer, the upcoming spin-offs could add to Darabonts complaints, as a result, the total would grow even more strongly.

The Walkers final season of 24 episodes starts on August 22. More on the Game Screen adaptation of The Last of Us may be Canadas biggest project Tencent will buy gaming company Sumo Group for $1.

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