Frank de Boer: ‘I want to have fresh legs in the team’

National coach Frank de Boer is going to change his team against Poland on Wednesday evening against the Nations League match against Bosnia in some positions. โ€œI want to have fresh legs in the team,โ€ says the practice master.

According to De Boer, ‘those fresh legs’ are definitely still included. โ€œWe don‘t have it in our own hands to become a group winner. We must make sure that we reach three points and hope that Italy will make a glide in Bosnia. But when I saw how they played against Poland this week – they were very good at that time – it becomes difficult. But at least we will do everything we can to address the three points. You don’t want to beat yourself in the head afterwards.โ€

The coach still sees enough improvement points for Oranje. โ€œWhat we need to improve, for example, is that we are often too far apart. And make sure this is better against Poland. The penny has to fall at some point. If I think I should get mad, I will. You can be on that, you know. At least this will have to go a lot better at the European Championships. I think we are on the right track, but it is clear that we have to take steps.โ€