Frank Masmeijer soon again at large?

Although Frank Masmeijer was sentenced on appeal in June 2019 to nine years imprisonment for involvement in large-scale cocaine smuggling, it could be that the fallen quizmaster will be released next month.

According to Shownieuws, Frank has filed a request for early release. Since he served almost a third of his sentence with his detention, he was able to apply for this.

A spokesman tells the entertainment programme that on 9 February the judge will decide whether he will actually be released early. In doing so, the court will weigh any risks and the prospects for probation. Privately revealed in September that Masmeijer had already been on parole several times. And he did not only celebrate this temporary freedom: Frank was already spotted eating oysters in the company of his new girlfriend, Anita Oostingh.

The former NCRV Coryfee has been convicted of its share in the smuggling of a large batch of cocaine in 2014, including participation in a criminal organisation and falsehood in writing. The court called the facts โ€œvery serious.โ€ The judge considered that Masmeijer was convicted before and that he threatened someone in the context of the drug case.