‘Franken won’t be given a spot in ADO’s coaching staff when Kuyt arrives. ‘

Giovanni Franken will not be part of Dirk Kuyt‘s coaching staff at ADO The Hague. The native Rotterdammer stood in front of the group at the club in the last few weeks, but will probably get another position within the club now.
It was already clear that Franken would not be in front of the group at ADO next season, because he does not have the right papers. However, there is no position in the staff of prospective coach Kuyt,” reports Omroep West. Which position Franken will now occupy at ADO is not clear. Previously, the practice master was already a youth and assistant trainer in The Hague.
Assistant trainer Edwin Grünholz will leave all the way at the Kitchen Champion Division club. Internally, a ‘
lobby‘ was underway to get the born Hagenaar to the helm at ADO. However, that did not succeed and now Grünholz will no longer be working at the club at all.
Kuyt will be presented on Thursday as the new coach of the Court Townspeople. Under Franken, ADO missed out after a penalty series promotion to the Eredivisie. After that match, Franken was also one of the big topics of conversation.

🔰 ADO Den Haag will not continue with assistant trainer Edwin Grunholz. Interim trainer Giovanni Franken will not be part of Dirk Kuijt’s staff, which position he will occupy within the Hague club is not yet known.
— Jim van der Deijl (@JimvanderDeijl) June 1, 2022