Fraser about altercation with Bakker: ‘Could always call me for robbertje’

Henk Fraser can agree with the criticism of his captain Adil Auassar, who was furious at the VAR after the match against FC Emmen. However, the Sparta Rotterdam trainer also states that rules are rules.

I have to say: I think its a flu-rule. But its the rule. They make the decisions, ready, Fraser in conversation with ESPN clear about the late penalty for Emmen. His captain Auassar was less calm. Shit-Var too, man, really shit-Var I swear. You cant defend with your hands behind your back when you walk to the ball. Its a shit-rule then, he said.
Fraser doesnt want to make words dirty at the moment and goes into the game of his team. We fought. My idea about this game is that we played very disciplined in the first half. Football we did not bring what we wanted, he is honest.
Another striking moment was the altercation between Fraser and Emmen defender Nick Bakker. Bakker made a number of tricks to the Sparta trainer, who in turn responded to that. They could always call me for a sealer in the old days. But I also need to be more sensible, concludes Fraser with a smile on his face.