Fraser is grateful to Steijn: ‘Had felt responsible if it happened’

At his first training of FC Utrecht, Henk Fraser spoke about the enforcement of Sparta, where he left last season. The coach also talks about his decision not to go to the World Cup with the Orange.
Fraser was actually supposed to leave Sparta after the last season, but the coach took his rushes earlier. At that time Sparta was not in the competition well, but replacement Maurice Steijn managed to keep the Rotterdammers in the Eredivisie. โ€œThe important thing is that Sparta ended up staying in it and that the players and the new staff led by Maurice Steijn saved me from relegation, because I would have felt responsible for that, if it had happened,โ€ Fraser told De Cceit. โ€œFor that, I am grateful to the players, staff and certainly Maurice Steijn as well.โ€
Now Fraser is a trainer from Utrecht. He had to give up the World Cup with Orange for that: the Dom townspeople did not want Fraser to play a double role any longer. โ€œOften you have to choose from two bad things,โ€ says the coach. โ€œBut I had the luxury of choosing from two beautiful things. After a World Cup as a player, it was a dream to also experience a World Cup as an assistant trainer. But I also had the dream of becoming a trainer of FC Utrecht for a long time.โ€
โ€œFor me, it was really choosing between my two children. But in the end, the choice fell on FC Utrecht. The hard part was to tell a national coach, with whom I had formed a bizarre bond in such a short period of time, that I was going to drop out halfway through the process. I disrupted his entire process. It all hurt for a while. But I also like the clarity that Van Seumeren has given. Theres no way around that. I appreciate that honesty and immediacy.โ€